Our Staff

Although Wiscoy for Animals’ primary identity is that of a retail business, we assume responsibility for doing our part to contribute to the overall quality of our local community and the environment in general. Wiscoy’s philanthropic efforts extend to diverse causes and organizations that share our belief that the environment and its inhabitants warrant care and preservation.

Wiscoy contributes financial and general support to several animal rescue and placement organizations. Our store features adoptable cats from various rescue groups. Several times a year, we welcome to our store other animals in need of homes, accompanied by agencies sponsoring them.

In conjunction with Wiscoy's permanent full time staff, the store has offered part time employment to a multitude of individuals over the years, all of whom Wanda considers to have made a collective contribution to Wiscoy's success. High school and college students, and several family members have had the opportunity to contribute their own particular knowledge and skills to the store's operation, while increasing their awareness of animal care and customer service.

Most importantly, Wiscoy for Animals' customers are, and have always been, a rich resource. They provide new product ideas and breed specific information generated from experiences with their own animals.

Our Dog Ozze
"I think we are all about fun!" Ozze